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Free MP3 Audio Editor Software Downloads

MP3 music audio editing free software downloads are listed below, which are useful for achieving many effects and optimization for your music requirements. This could be removing unwanted segments such as noise, hiss, pop, silence, or even shorten the track. Additionally you can add reverb, fading, boost, vocal effects, echo, loops and many other effects. Ultimately, you might want to fine tune your MP3 music to achieve desirable effects, often experimenting by simple editing and applying various effects.

Videos of Audio/MP3 Editors (Cutters)

Audacity EditingMP3 Cutter

Reviews of free Audio MP3 Software at: MP3 Software Downloads: Please note that their title names may change, or become trial or shareware, but at this time, were free software to download and to keep for personal use. It might be better to search online, rather than me adding their links - as their corresponding sites might disappear (As I have noticed with many free software), or sometimes difficult to navigate to find the free version at the manufacturer's site.
Image of Sound Waves By scol122 at SXC.

Audacity: Probably the most popular MP3 music editor, due to it's large range of tools and cross platform ability. Can also record analogue input, e.g. cassette tapes and vinyl, live MP3, and supports other formats. Also can input several VST plugins for enhancement.

Wavosaur: Semi popular free editor software - supports plugins, edit, cut, and paste, loop, batch convert, and more. Does not need to be installed.

Quick Audio 2:From Canadian Sion Software, a fully featured editing freeware. In addition to standard fwatures (e.g. noise removal, reverb, fading, cut, copy, paste, change sampling, filters, and more) but also includes support for up to 24 VST plugins, spectrum analysis, and zoom in editing. Also convert between popular formats, play, edit, and record, to produce your finished audio output.

Music Editor Free: Has inbuilt CD ripper/burner, usual sound editor functions (cut, copy, paste, etc) and effects such as echo, reverb, equalizer and more.

Wave Editor: Fast and simple editor for cutting, deleting, and deleting music tracks. Supports MP3, WAV, and WMA. Can normalize, fade in/out, reverse/invert, and insert silence.

Shaungs Audio Editor: A small download utility that can split MP3's, with a few effects such as volume setting, fading in and out, etc.

Audioblast: Has editing features, volume adjustments, recording, silence addition, mixing and includes a synthesizer.

Free Wave MP3 Editor: Has the usual editing features and some advanced as well, e.g echo and amplification.

FlashDepo Audio Editor: Software editor to apply effects, filters, analyze frequencies and other functions. Edit and save to many formats - MP3, MP2, VOX, PCM, WAV, OGG, and others. also edit ID3 tags, mix, and paste audio files.

Free Audio Editors for review at Audio Editor (2011 Version): Noted as an award winning software utility, and can perform various editing (cut, copy, delete silence, paste from file, mix from file, etc) and effects (amplify, reverb, delay, flange, normalize, fade, silence, and more). You can also record from a microphone and input devices, and burn the various formats to CD.

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MP3 Editor For Free (5.4.2): Friendly interface to digitize, convert, and edit music from your vinyl records, cassette tapes, LP's, and recordings. Plenty effects (silence, stretch, echo, chorus, amplify, delay, fade, and more) and filters (e.g. high and low pass, notch, shelf and others) for conversion.

Dark Wave Studio 2.4: Virtual studio editing software mixer with multiple output effects and filters. Supports MP3 and other formats.

MP3DirectCut: Small MP3 download utility software for directly cutting , copying and pasting. Uses cues for easily cutting larger MP3's.

Medieval Cue Splitter 1.2: Freeware editor software that splits a large audio track (album/compilation), to individual audio tracks, based on data/information in the associated cue file.

Wavepad Sound Editor: Includes a CD burner, plugins, and all the usual tools for MP3 editing and effects, e.g. noise reduction, hiss and pop removal, reverb, and echo. Edits other formats.

Power Sound Editor Free:
Solid MP3 editor which records, edits, applies several effects such as equalizer, fade, flange, normalize, reverse, delay, amplify and more. Overall a powerful editor.

Video Tutorials of Audio Editors and MP3 Cutter

Audacity - Free EditorHow to with MP3 Cutter

MP3 Cutters/Splitters: Simple software to trim MP3 files -

MP3splt: MP3 splitter software for both small MP3's and large album track based on split points, and supports automatic silence splitting.

Split MP3: Cut and save your MP3 file, either as MP3 and other formats: WMA, ACC, Flac, M4A, AC3 and WAV. the final size and MP3 bit rate can also be set.

mp3Trim: Cleans up MP3 audio by deleting silence or unwanted segments. Also adjust volume, and fade in and out.

Free MP3 Cutter Plus: Simple cutter editor to select audio based on end and start points, then save the cut portion to play.

Slice Audio File Splitter: Fast software to split a MP3 file into equal segments based on time, number of files, and silence selection to determine the end of a track. Has option to add to explorer context menu MP3's.

mp3DirectCut: Also a mini editor and recorder for Mp3's to directly cut, copy, and paste. You can easily change the volume, without decompression for audio editing. The integrated recorder allow easy MP3 creation from the PC's audio input. Applying the cue sheets and pause detection, or auto cue, you can easily split lengthy mp3 files.

From my own experience of spending hours music editing here are a few tips:

* Back up your MP3 before editing, as you might save what you don't want to save. Also back up your free editor as well, as it may change to shareware, discontinue or become unstable after extensive use.
* Perhaps defrag, and clean your hard drive if you intend to process several MP3 or other audio files. Music editing, like burning to CD's can be intensive for computers. I have edited from 10 minutes to 3 hours continuously and 12 hours using a batch process. Then run a PC optimizer software (e.g. ccleaner, defrag) to clean your computer after extensive editing.
* Use automation features for large or several MP3's.
*Remember to create output directories for several MP3's or tracks to easily locate them, and to save in the required format, e.g. MP3.
* Remember to start with quality sounding music MP3's, to reduce the time required for enhancement, which may never reach full quality through editing.
* Multiple processing of the same MP3 file, particularly for noise/pop/hiss removal might have a reduced quality effect, depending on the original bit rate.
* Check for updates, and visit online forums and tutorials for help.
* Sometimes it's easier and quicker to go shopping (including online) for a remastered/remix CD of older and marginal quality tracks, than spending hours recording, editing, converting, and setting up to transfer MP3 music from a cassette or vinyl turn table to your computer. I brought a cheap Santana remastered CD from ebay USA, rather than bothering to transfer and edit the old 1969 vinyl album I had.

Because MP3 music editing can be relatively simple but also comprehensive, there are a range of free MP3 music editor software downloads to suit all levels. I think Audacity being the most popular music editor, and has plenty of online help and tutorials. TheMP3 cutting software downloads, are probably the easiest for quick audio editing. You might then want to burn your edited MP3 music tracks.


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