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Free MP3, WAV, CD Ripping Software Downloads

Perhaps you want to back up your personal CD collection on your computer for safe keeping, then perhaps to your hardware MP3 Player. Then a free MP3 ripping software download, will often easily perform such a task. There are a handful of free MP3 ripping software available, and below I have listed some for you to get ripping.

CD ripping reviews at MP3 Free Software Downloads: such software remains free, and remember to check for updates. Also, assign or create a folder(s) to rip the mp3's (to easily locate your MP3's), in addition to connect to the online database (e.g CDDB, free DB, etc) if available, to automatically assign track names. Image of CD By mrceviz at SXC.

Free Rip: This is a basic and fast software and can convert to common formats - WAV, OGG Vorbis, with advanced tagging. But might be a bit limited for experienced CD ripping users, but good for simple fast ripping.

WinRipper: Another basic small MP3 ripping software, which does some formats to WAV or MID, and can extract from PC games.

Free CD Ripper: Yet another free software (from Koyote Soft), and does ripping to standard formats. Fast and efficient, and supports FreeDB (to download and assign track names to your MP's) and ID3 tagging.

Focus Free CD Ripper 3.1: Easy to use interface and supports CDDB (online database) to download album information with ID3 tag support. Can save to MP3, WAV, and OGG formats, and has a 5 band equalizer, and a audio file browser function.

CD-DA X-Tractor: Has a straight forward interface, with some advanced options - bit rate settings, play list, CDDB online, and a few more.

Exact Audio Copy ( This seems to be a advanced MP3 ripper with several features. Includes a fast and "burst" extraction, silence detection in pre gap tracks, CD player for listening, CDDB support, CD test support, multiple cd-dvd drive support and many other technical features for enhancement of extracted MP3's. Also an inbuilt WAV editor for normalize, trim, pop detection, noise reduction and more. Also suits beginners, as it has a set up wizard, but overall a very functional and feature rich software - for free.

Video Tutorials of MP3 Rippers

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Audio CD Ripper (
Basic software to rip or convert from your CD, by selecting tracks to produce WAV files.

CDex ( Open source (GL license) digital CD ripper that has many features: Supports many encoders: Lame encoder, OGG vorbis, Ape, Fraunhofer, FAAC, internal MP2, and Windows WMA8; Read and store info from CDDB, CD text support, ID3V1 and ID3V2 tag support, play list support (MU3 and PLS), advanced jitter correction, audio normalization, and language support.

Audio Grabber: Another, it seems advanced ripper, and one I use, because of the many inbuilt functions, and ease of use. Can direct convert to MP3 or WAV, and it grabs the audio digitally, by-passing the sound card to produce perfect copies of MP3's. You can delete silence from the start or track ends, and can automatically normalize, has inbuilt player, FreeDB online support, and I believe can record from vinyl and cassettes to MP3's. Also reviewed as CD Ripping - Grab with Audio Grabber.

Free CD to MP3 converter 3.0 ( Rip and convert software to transform CD audio to MP3, OGG, and WAV formats. You can normalize the audio output and includes lame encoder options.

Fair Stars CD ripper 1.28: Another free ripper to convert to MP3, WAV, Ogg, FLAC, and other formats and can set the quality. Includes online connection to freedb to download audio track information, and has a built in CD player.

Wildfire CD Ripper 2.70: Free CD ripper to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, and other formats. Can compress using different audio encoders.

WinRipper 0.78a: Small utility to extract your audio to MP3 and can apply extraction filters to convert to MP3 or WAV. Supports many formats and was mainly used for game extraction.

With this list of free MP3, WAV, CD ripping software downloads, you can experiment what software you prefer, to back up your CD tracks to the smaller size MP3 files. Maybe visit my post on hard drive back up using the free syncback (now version dependent) and drive image XML at Computer Tech links to further transfer your MP3 files, after using your chosen free CD to MP3 ripping software.
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