Thursday, May 28, 2009

Free MP3 Software Audio Player Downloads For Your Blog or Web Site

Free MP3 Software Audio Players to embed in your blog or web site, for your visitors to listen to music from MP3 audio, vocal tracks, or sounds. These software players require you to easily embed HTML code, some with customization, in your blog or web site. This allows audio to be either automatically played, or the visitor can choose to play with options, from MP3 audio files, that are hosted on a server. There are free servers (Search online for free hosts, e.g. Boxstr or Hotlink Files), or perhaps try your web site's server, or your ISP, to upload and then link the MP3 audio files to the player's source code.

Javascript code for web site players might be like this -
<embed autostart="false" src="Your%20MP3%20File%20URL" height="40" width="200">>/embed>
or a bit more complex like:
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" src="" allowscriptaccess="always" wmode="transparent" flashvars="audio_duration=DURATION&external_url=" your="" mp3="" file="" url="Your MP3 File Web Address" height="52" width="400"></embed>

Some of the websites may have html links that you can insert in your site, so that when clicked it will download, and ask to play in your default audio player or to save the mp3 file. Or you can embed as an object a common media player, such as Windows Media Player and link to your mp3 file. There are many variations of the code required to add optional features such as auto play, mute, auto size, etc. Perhaps search online for tutorials (e.g.,,, etc).

Please Note:
The players below are currently free software to download, but may change to shareware, pro versions, require a user login, change configuration/site specific, (as in Google MP3 Player) and so on. Best to search online to find a MP3 player.

Odeo MP3 Player:
Noted as a good player for download, that works well in blogs and web sites, but you need to enter the audio track duration, if you want the play time to display. There are no volume controls.

FLAMPlayer:  Flash MP3 Player software: uses PHP and mySQL, of which the PHP script communicates between the mySQL database and the Flash Player. Can quickly add audio track features, and create a play list.

JW FLV Player:
Flexible software that plays various media formats, including MP3, and allows extensive javascript. has various settings for customization.

Word Tube:
Plug in MP3 software for Wordpress (Visit Wordpress.Org/extend/plugins/wordtube), where it manages JW FLV Player 4.3. Also supports video's and images, and skins can be obtained from

Yahoo MP3 Player:
Yahoo provides a code script to customize it's player to match your web site color theme and layout. Perform auto play and can display the MP3 meta data if you want.

XSPF Web Music Player:
Has a slim line and extended version, that works on action script 2. It uses the XML format to play MP3's.

Google Reader MP3 Player:
Nice simple player download which includes volume control and displays duration of the MP3 audio from auto detection.

WP Audio Player:
Wordpress player to insert in your blog post, but can be embedded in other sites.

MC Media Player:
Flash based player software to embed in your site for MP3's, video, and image formats.
Sign up at their web site and generate code, with your MP3 host/web address, then copy the code with a MP3 software audio player of your choice, in to your site.

Custom Search

Primarily a community based presentation hosting service for Powerpoint and similar software, where you can also upload MP3 audio presentation vocal files. Presentations are converted to flash format, of which you embed the code in your site to play.

 Store and share: Your original Music files and other formats - video, photo's, documents, and images to create a player list to embed in your blog or web site.

Streampad Music Player:
Widget MP3 player (and I think also a desktop version exists) where you embed the code, and enter a url, rss feed, play list (XSPF or M3U, html page, etc) for MP3's to play them when loading your blog/site. Also creates a play list and provides play statistics.

Yahoo Media Player:
Creates mini inline players by auto linking to MP3's in your blog or web site. Would be handy if you have several MP3's linked to your site. Includes a shuffle feature from the play list. But you may need to organize the overall layout on your site. Insert this link in your blog/web site to create auto linking to create the mini audio players:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Google Gadgets MP3 Players: 
There are over 250 MP3 software players for download at Google's Gadget's web site. For some players, you can customize size, font, colour, and other features. Some players link to specific artists on Amazon's catalog of free DRM MP3 music to download, but not sure if full version, extended, or how long the links remain "live".

Create a Simple Attractive MP3 Player (at flash.tutsplus):
Maybe visit or search this tutorial at
The tutorial is explained in a 25 step procedure, initiated by creating a Flash actionscript 3.0 document. Also includes importing illustrator graphics,using build buttons, and applying the timer and sound classes. Might suit programmers, but if up to a challenge to learn to fully code a free MP3 audio software player download, - might be worth a try...



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