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MP3 Utilities

MP3 free software utility downloads are often small file size simple programs, to easily optimize MP3 audio files. Similar utilities, or their functions are present in comprehensive MP3 software to generate similar effects. Though these small utilities might be useful if you want to apply simple effects, without the need of learning comprehensive MP3 software, or if you only have a small MP3 collection. Perhaps you might find a MP3 utility, that you were not looking for, or knew about.

MP3 Software Utilities at MP3 Free Software Downloads: following audio utilities primarily relate to MP3 audio, and were listed as free software. But to download them, it might be better to search online, as they might become shareware, pro versions, or change web hosts, and so on.
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Audacity Portable 1.2.6: Trimmed down version of the popular free Audacity to function on your flash drive, iPod, portable drive or computer. You can edit, cut, mix and splice songs. Also record audio, convert records and tapes, and alter recording speeds.

MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker 3.40: Software to join MP3's with tag editing, and plays on your MP3 player. Supports drag and drop of your MP3's.

MP3Gain: Directly analyzes MP3 audio volume for adjustment . Applies a lossless statistical procedure to determine an optimum sound appropriate to human hearing.

vloud ( Upload your MP3's to this free utility online service to increase it's volume. Then download very loud MP3's (according to their web site)

DiscLib 2.0.50: CD and MP3 collection organizer to catalogue a large collection of MP3's to your computer. I have used to find by searching the location of a MP3 file on a numbered MP3 disc, from about 35 discs (approx 8000 MP3's). You can categorize CD's and folders, including from the hard drive.

CD Catalogue Utility review at MP3 Free Software Downloads: CD Collector 1.4.0: Another collection organizer to catalogue your CD's and local PC files and folders. Can play the MP3 when clicked, to the default player, if the CD is present, or if the MP3 is local. You can queue tracks to the Winamp play list , and supports random play, and can export your collection to a html file.
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MP3 Searcher - Trionx 2.0.51: Searches MP3, music, photo's, software, etc, based on a keyword you enter. Based on search modules, to automatically arrange results, and you can refine the results.

Medieval Cue Splitter: Utility to split a audio track, e.g. an album into individual tracks by applying a cue file. Free software such as Exact Audio Copy can produce a cue file for editing. can auto name tracks by applying a file string. Many other features including batch processing, audio tag support, select certain tracks, edit title and artist names, and more.

SayAndPost V0.53: Simple small utility software to download. Record a message and post it online or web site, using the link it creates.

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Sound Volume Hotkeys: Allows to control MP3 sounds by creating hot keys, and includes a on screen volume indicator that can be customized.

Fx ConCat Audio Joiner 1.2.0: Join several MP3's to create one large MP3 audio file or in WAV format. Seems to be in beta format.

MP3 to AIFF Converter: Simple MP3 to AIFF format converter utility, or AIFF to MP3, and can convert multiple files at once. AIFF, developed by Apple computer, has a larger file size than MP3.

Audioshell: Integrates with windows explorer as a shell extension plugin to allow tag editing of MP3 files, and many other formats.

EncSpot MP3 Analyzer Basic v2 and beta v2.2: The basic version scans and analyzes MP3 files to determine the encoder used, and other information. It tries to indicate the quality or bit rate of the MP3 file.

Searching for duplicate MP3's; Visit Free MP3 Software Downloads at (From music-similarity com): Useful program for finding and deleting duplicate MP3 files (and WMA, OGG, ASF, WAV, FLAC, APE, and WV). This software searches audio files (with options) based on the same or similar sound, and ID tags (ID3, WMF, Vorbis). I tried this software and runs fast, and saves duplicates in another tabbed window, with separate relevant tag information and then your folder/file information (to help compare the duplicate MP3's). You then can play and delete either of the duplicate MP3. Has a nice windows explorer type interface. Read my in depth review for MP3 Duplicate Finder and Remover at Computer Tech Links.
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Eufony Free Software (Search Online): Various small software download utilities for audio conversion from one format to the other.

1. APE to MP3 2. M4a to MP3 3. ACC to MP3 4. WMA to MP3 5. OGG to MP3

NBFree (search online): This software has similar small audio converters, and their might be more than listed below -

1. MP3 to WAV 2. WMA to MP3

MP3Extractor: Software utility to copy several segments from a MP3 file in to new MP3 files, and are tagged with numbers.

Direct MP3 Recorder Free 1.1: Records good quality audio in four formats (MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA) from internal and external sources. Includes online video, games, tapes, vinyl records, audio software, Skype, itunes, VoIP calls, internet streaming and more. Allows automatic synchronization and timer recording when initiating audio recordings. Visit other MP3 Free Software Recorder Downloads.

NeoSound FX: This software plays, records, imports and exports MP3 and other audio formats. You can also edit by cutting, copying, pasting, mix tracks, and apply effects. Displays amplitude-envelope editor, customizable spectrograph, frequency analysis for audio assessment. Also includes built in effects - bass boost, noise removal, etc, and supports VST plugins. Visit other Free MP3 Audio Editor Software Downloads for other MP3 editors/cutters.

MixMeister BPM Analyzer: This utility can accurately count the BPM (beats per minute) of any audio song. You might want to mix songs with a certain beat to create a certain mood, or simply compare the beats of different versions of the same song. Then can update the MP3 tags with the beat count. Supports explorer drag and drop, sort by artist, title and BPM, and can export to a music database or excel spreadsheet.

Boxee Media Center Review at MP3 Free Software Downloads (MP3 Utilities): This a free cross platform media center and social networking software based on XBMC framework, social network script add-ons, and "10 foot user interface". Indexes video, audio, and images from media sources by downloading meta data from the internet for organizing media categories. The networking functions allow the user to share and recommend media ratings and view their friend's media. Can also add streaming, download, YouTube, etc. Supports many container, video, audio (e.g. MP3), image, and subtitle formats. Image of Boxee By mattgrimm from flickr.

Free DBGrabber: Search and download artists, albums, and their audio tracks in a catalogue structured format. Then can export to RTF format (for Microsoft Word) and a internal database format.

MP3 Repair Tool: Repairs the start of a MP3 file by deleting the corrupt header, which occurs in most cases for MP3's that won't play. Hence a high probability to play the MP3 audio again.

Portable Repair Tool 1.5: Small MP3 utility tool based on the above MP3 Repair Tool.

MP3 Quality Modifier: Small download utility to easily reduce the file size of MP3 audio without substantially reducing it's quality. Mainly achieved by adjusting the bit rate with custom settings, and can also change the stereo settings and sampling frequencies. You can also compare file sizes before and after MP3 modification.

Reviews of Free MP3 Utilities at MP3 Free Software Downloads at Free: The free version of MP3 DJ software for download. Allows beat and fade mixing, dynamics processing, and can mix video content and play karaoke. Best to visit the otsAV mp3 site, but a bit confusing to find the free version. Maybe visit other Free DJ Software to Download reviews. Image of Sound Equipment By dogo at SXC.

Also visit MP3 Tools for more Utilities.



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