Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free MP3 Software Recorder Downloads

To capture audio playing through a computer's speakers and sound card, a recording software program is required. Standalone free MP3 recorders can easily capture audio, which include some software players and editors that can also record. Perhaps you might want to preserve some rare vinyl records and cassettes by recording and saving in the MP3 format for safekeeping. Or use the microphone to convert any sound and voice recordings to MP3's.

Listed below are free MP3 software recorders for download. Please note, that these software may become shareware, re- branded, discontinued, etc. So perhaps better to search online by their names for a suitable recorder.

MP3myMP3: records from any sound source, rip vinyl and CD's, playback, text addition, bit-rate settings, batch naming, play list creation and more.

Audacity: Popular and comprehensive MP3/Audio editing and recording software download, which encompasses various features. Visit sourceforge net for current details including updates.

Freecorder: Installs a control toolbar to run the software, and allows capture for streaming live radio stations. Seems to be mixed reviews during operation in relation to the browser you use.

Streamripper: Records MP3 shoutcast compatible streams, and can separate tracks based on a silence detection method.

Free Hi-Q Recorder: Sound recording software to record streaming audio, Internet radio, webcasts, and music. Also converts vinyl records, tapes, and make free ring tones and more. Also a player and basically records anything you hear according to their web site.

Free Sound Recorder 7.8.5: Has advanced recording engine to produce quality MP3's from recording tapes, vinyl records, streaming, etc. But has attractive interface and easy to use.

MP3 recorder 1.0: Straight forward recorder from your speakers, and has DJ editor and has search function.

Free Audio Recorder: Small simple recorder software to save audio from your speakers.

SoundCopy 1.1: Yet another simple recorder - Compact interface.

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Soundbase 2009.4.23: Free MP3 recorder, player and organizer, with play list generation. Can apply skins to change appearance.

AkTiv MP3 Recorder: Records sounds, streaming, tapes, etc, and has a scheduler, silence detection to either stop, record or start new recording. Can alter various settings, and includes hot keys of your choice.

Streamosaur: No installation required, can record various sounds, tapes, web streams, etc. Requires the lame encoder to be set up for MP3 encoding.
Tinynice MP3: Recorder: Basic free software recorder utility for recording directly to MP3's. Small download file of about 1 MB.

Audio Recorder For Free 11.5.1: Recorder with advanced recording engine to produce high quality recordings with a preset/preview function.

Pistonsoft MP3 Audio Recorder: Easy to use MP3 software, that records tapes, vinyls, streams, etc. Has low pass filter and built in parametric equalizer to minimize noise for recordings.

Easy MP3 Sound Recorder 2.01: Simple software to save as MP3, WAV and WMA format.

Free MP3 Sound Recorder: Easy to use software to record sound from any source, e.g. microphone, Skype, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Streaming MP3 and audio, and more. Can also save in WAV, OGG, and VOX formats, with predefined bit-rate, channel, and quality settings.

PCWin Speaker 1.01: Small software download file to easily record to MP3 and WAV format.

Remember when recording, to close non essential programs and turn off audio alerts, screen savers, etc, that could also be recorded. Also choose a folder destination for your MP3 files and set and check the input (eg. line in, microphone, etc), output, and quality settings if any. Then record once the audio starts playing, and if recording a album you might what to split the recorded tracks with a MP3 editor. Often it's useful to have both a free MP3 recorder and editing software package for multi track recordings.

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