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Free MP3 Tag, Organizer and Index Software Downloads

Listed below are free MP3 software organizers or managers for download, to help organize and quickly search MP3 music files. You may have hundreds of MP3 files scattered throughout various folders in your computer, perhaps from using a free CD ripping software download. Then you may want a group of specific MP3's to play on your computer. This is where a MP3 organizer can help considerably, often by quickly scanning and then automatically grouping your MP3's under various categories, such as genre, album, year, artist, etc. And if a built in player is included, then you can easily play your MP3's, perhaps under a custom category that you have created.

Videos of Tag Editors

MP3-Tag TutorialMusic Brainz Tagger

Please note, that these MP3 organizers are currently free, but might become shareware, trial, renamed, discontinued, etc. Hence search online by their title names as listed. Be careful on the manufacture's site, because you might accidentally click on paid or trial versions.

MP3 Cat: Group MP3's and other formats in to categories that you create, Search with keyword, edit ID3 tags, and has Winamp support for play lists, which can be exported in html, csv and test files. You can also search Amazon for related MP3's.

MP3db: Organizer that scans the hard drive and CD's and reads the embedded meta information (artist, title, etc) in to a database. Includes a fast search and query function for sorting, filtering, and grouping. Can search duplicates and supports MP3 ID3 tags version 1, WMA and OGG format. Data is saved in MS-Access database and is accessible with other software programs.

MP3 Organizer Pro 3.o: Small Organizer download, but with over a 100 functions with graphical representations for saving MP3 data from a CD, and your computer drive. Has ID3 tag editing and printing function for CD covers, and can retrieve Audio CD information from the CDDB on the internet. Also finds spelling and typing mistakes.

Free MP3 Organizer 3.1: You can selected computer directories and CD's to locate, manage and play your MP3 files. Also quick easy editing of MP3 tags, and renaming MP3 files.

MP3CD Organizer: Has a flexible graphical front end, and creates directory files that can be burned on a CD, and auto played on your computer.

Sundry Tools XV: Software collection of minor tools, including auto scan hard drive, CD/DVD for MP3's. Has task scheduler, player, basic computer system information, search function for Audio files, and more.

Muffin Music Finder: Play list generator based on real song analysis, rather than tags or file associations. It finds matching songs based on request, with advanced audio recognition, which can be exported to mobile players.

MusicBee: Comprehensive features for organizing music files and editing tags. Auto adds MP3's from monitored folders, and rip CD's with validation. Internet connection for information, and can synchronize and play iPods and MP3 players and more.

Toricxs MP3 Renamer: MP3 file renamer and tag editor, to create tags from file names. You can also move and copy MP3's and back up the originals.

Audio Tagging Tools: Organize your MP3's by renaming, tagging on searching duplicates. It can process from batch mode, with filters, file name cleaning and has a script feature.

MP3tag: Another good tag manager software for MP3 file renaming, character replacement in tags and file names, play list creation, and import/export information. Included online database look up for information.

MP3 EZlib 2.5: MP3 software organizer and manager based on ID3V2 tags. create play lists, search, rename files - tags and more.

TagScanner 5.0 Build 532: Organizer download based on tags, can also synchronize and connect to and Amazon. Play list generation software and export to excel and other formats. 

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JaMP Organizer Fix audio file names and edit/delete their basic tag titles (Title, Album, Artist, etc)

Media Catalog Studio Lite: Searches your computer to find MP3' and lists them in a range of catalog- year, artist, bit rate, categories and more. Includes advanced search, play list output, duplicate finder and graphical statistics. Indexes a maximum of 5 CD's.

The Godfather: Provides consistency of MP3 file names based on the ID tag information by scanning your MP3's and suggesting alternative file names for optional selection. Uses ID3 tag information to create a comprehensive folder hierarchy for MP3 management. Provides play list. encode/decode, online database and other features.

MP3 Observer 3 (Home Version): Noted as a fast MP3 Organizer software, play list creator, tag editor (ID3), CD archive tool, and MP3 player. Has a easy to use interface, and has additional features to easily manage MP3 audio files.

MediaMonkey: Comprehensive Audio manager for MP3's, with encode, decoder, player, play listing, converter and more. Has a CD ripper, file converter for different formats, ID tag editor and online CDDB support.

Media Jukebox 12: Another comprehensive Audio manager for free download and use. Rip, burn, and encode to multiple formats, player and organizer for a large collection. Includes database online look up.

Zortam Mp3 Media Studio Free: Yet another all in one Audio manager. Player, Ripper, ID3 Tag editor, MP3 Organizer, Burner, Play list manager, Karaoke function, CDDB support, Transfer to iPod. Includes a lyric and art album finder.

So there are a range of MP3 free software organizer downloads, from small but powerful tagging tools to more comprehensive MP3 managers, to suit your needs. Collections of several hundred MP3's can be easily managed with Media Monkey which I use on a external hard drive. MP3tag I have used, to properly rename hundreds of MP3's that had weird character names, which took less than a minute.

My reviews of MP3tag Media Monkey Organizer and video format conversions at Computer Tech Links



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