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Free MP3 Tools

Free MP3 Tools, a collection of stand alone utilities, software downloads, and online applications, to generally enhance or complement the use of MP3 audio files on your computer. These software also complement MP3 Utilities to help encompass overall MP3 user needs.

The following Tools were listed as freeware, but become shareware, pro versions, or re hosted elsewhere. Therefore search online by their titles to find them for download.

Speaker from MP3 Tools reviews at MP3 Free Software Downloads: 1.0: Search and request online to find MP3's online from Shout Cast servers to connect to the MP3's. Image of Speaker By rossbr at SXC.

Codec Sniper: Small tool to display audio and video codecs on your computer. Also indicates if the codecs are valid or broke, with the option to remove them.

Musebin: Allows sharing of albums and artists information on Twitter by using small (tiny) URLS.

HereWho: Online MP3 tool to convert text to MP3 with quality settings.

vozME com: Another online MP3 to text tool, but can also embed the MP3 in widgets, Google gadgets, website, etc and can also download the MP3.

Sitex MP3 Finder: Searches by scanning your computer or network for MP3 audio, and results can be sorted and exported (csv format). Also allows tag editing, and play the MP3's in Win Amp from a play list.

ViddyMP3: Free MP3 audio book reader and player, of which the audio files can be bookmarked. Includes a ID3V2 tag editor, and the interface is basic, comprising of only the controls.

CDAID 3.2: Free audio information down loader to retrieve CD info, such as artist, album, track titles, etc. Can export the information to a XML or text file.

Phone to MP3 Audio Recorder - ( Try using the file sharing site, to add a MP3 drop, and retrieve a phone number. Call back to create a recording of yourself, then can create a URL to download the recording as an MP3 (Though check for any toll call charges)

Free MP3 Organizer: Software tool to easily search, play, and organize MP3, WAV, OGG, and WMA audio from your Computer, CD's, and network. Includes tag editing and audio file renaming.

Music: MP3Tools review at MP3 free Software Downloads: Grooveshark: Online music search and streaming service tool, with a widget to embed audio in websites, social media profiles, and blogs. The audio/MP3's are from a library of over 6 million tracks. Allows promotion of artists and record labels, and has Wordpress plugins (search , play, embed) and also a Facebook application.
Image of "Music" By J Wilsher at SXC.

LlistarMP3's: This tool displays compressed audio information by scanning folders. Name, file size, duration, bit rate, mode and any tag information.

Evil Lyrics ( If you want lyrics downloaded as you play audio, then try Evil Lyrics. This free tool automatically searches online from over 15 million lyrics, which displays the accompanying lyric when your player's song is active. Lyrics can be stored offline (I think). Supports Windows Media Player, Music Match, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Real Player, and others. Also searches guitar chords, album art, posters, etc. Their web site mentions automatic karaoke downloads - so visit their site for details.

InfoTag Magic: Windows shell extension tool that pops up info-text displaying ID3 tag information (if available), when the mouse is hovered over a MP3 file.

Music Brainz: Software that analyzes a MP3 collection to provide any missing information such as artist, title, etc. Extracts information from a MP3 audio user database.

Video to MP3 Converter review at MP3 Free Software Downloads (Free MP3 Tools): Free online tool to convert YouTube, Google Video, Myspace video's to MP3 audio. Just paste the URL of the video to convert and download to your computer.

Audio Identifier 0.7.1: Free inspection Tool to find information of MP3 and other audio formats. Displays average bitrate, quality levels, encoder settings, etc and data can be exported as HTML.

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MP3-finder 1.5 ( Free software tool that functions to easily and quickly search and find MP3 files on your computer and local network. Can find by ID3 tags and edit, and sort, export results in csv and text format. Includes MU3 play list format, win amp player support, and multi languages.

Media Info: Useful information tool to display information of an MP3 and video files. Displays bitrate, codec, track number, album, channels, and more.

Song Twit: Search tool via imeen (music sharing site) and youtube for MP3 links to share on Twitter, by sending your tweet. Can also upload MP3's, WAV, OGG, and other audio formats.

MPEG Audio Scissors (Sonic Spot): Tool to cut and join MP3 files at set frames, and can join them together. View other MP3 Cutters/Editors for basic reviews.

Spotify: Peer to Peer music sharing software to download to retrieve audio for listening on demand. Also connect to for track listening as well.

MP3 Quality Identifier to change bitrate: Basic review at MP3 Free Software Downloads (MP3 Tools): MP3 Quality Modifier (Inspire Soft): Download tool to change the MP3 bitrate, and reduce the file size without appreciably changing it's quality. Includes a few advanced options. Music listening and discovery service for sharing with others connected, and with play list creation for "widget" sharing or with the Facebook application tool. includes a mobile tool for iPod/iPhone and a video/slide show visual element.

8tracks com: Online tool to create or remix tracks of 30 minutes duration play list. Then can play and share, and add art and text information.

Merge MP3 ( Merge Audio sounds into a single MP3 recording, without limitation by size, file, and number. Option to write IDv1 and IDv2 tags in the merged audio file, and view information, including that of the header. Also optionally add VBR frame, from different bit rates, and can embed image in to the MP3 files.

iTunes Agent: An open source tool to sync iTunes software with various mass storage devices.

MakeitOne MP3 Album Maker: Select single MP3 files to merege into one audio file, and can also separate MP3's if created with this tool.

MP3 to CD 1.0 (Computech): Useful tool that can list MP3's in one column and transfer the correct number in another window to fill a MP3 CD disc of 650 MB or 700 MB. Hence creates a directory of MP3's ready for burning or transferring to a disc.

MP3 Locator 1.0 (Computech): Searches MP3's from directories and hard drives on your PC system to drag to play in your MP3 player. Has advanced search options.

File List Creator (WenSoftware): Manager to help keep track of MP3's, to create catalogs and generate reports as text, html, and play list format. Search for duplicates, bulk MP3 renaming, and ID3 tag editing.

Audio Mixer: Reviews of Free MP3 Tools at MP3 Free Software Downloads: (H-Soft): Free MP3 player that mixes the current playing track with the start of the next, and can adjust the length and position of the mixes.
Image of Audio Mixer By toastycake at SXC.

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