Friday, September 4, 2009

Free MP3 Downloads

Many of us enjoy our music, particularly if it's for free, in the MP3 audio format and can be easily downloaded or streamed, then played on our computer software player, MP3 player, or iPod for listening. Here are a collection of MP3 sites for free legal download, and are based on the creative commons licenses. The sites are a mix of music forums, chat, communities, collaboration, musician/band promotion, and search engines.

Please note there might be restrictions to download in certain countries, based on licensing agreements within that site's platform host country, and I'm unsure if these sites will remain in the future in their current form. Best to search online or from this post to visit and search for MP3's.

free mp3 downloads review at ( Download free MP3's from a comprehensive social site with several features (art, forums, chat) for interacting musicians.

isound ( Large online community for interacting withMP3's, video's, and can create a listener profile, blog, photo upload and more. Includes a search engine.

Pandora ( Note seems restricted to the USA only. Listen to internet radio, and search it's deep library for new music.

 Free Music Archive( Listed as both free and good music to download legal MP3's.

music mesh and other free mp3 sites reviewed at ( Easy to use search engine for music and video's, and has a cool looking spinning CD's, which when clicked branches to other CD's in a hierarchy. The accompanying audio track titles are then displayed on the site's right hand side.

MP3 Realm ( A evolving search engine to filter out MP3's and clips based on titles, albums, etc, and also indexes lyrics for searching.

Custom Search

MP3 Centre ( Search for the latest MP3's, including top 25, archives, art, CD cover, lyrics and more.

ez tracks ( Database of thousands of songs for your computer's software audio player and your MP3 player. Based on record label partnerships.

Free MP3 downloads review at ( Straight forward MP3 search library for downloading.

Audiobaba ( Add your own music to their search engine, which can search new and interesting music. Produces results based on similar sounds but are different.

Free albums net ( Free MP3 albums to source from links and to download, and seems to be a comprehensive site.

Grooveshark ( Search engine for MP3's and internet radio listening. Discover, share, promote, and is a monetization application.

Your free music MP3 to download reviewed at Free Music Downloads ( Says it has access to over 7 million audio tracks, and about 18 million registered users. Hence free legal mp3 music to download for your iPod or computer.

These are only a handful of sites for MP3 free downloads, and there are probably hundreds of other sites, search engines, blogs (visit blog directories - e.g. blog catalog, my bloglog, blog engage, blogged, top of blogs, etc). Also visit and best online tools ( MP3's for free - all to enjoy!



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