Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Youtube to MP3 Converter Online

youtube to mp3 converter reviews
You may want to extract a collection of mp3 files - music or sound tutorial recordings from the Youtube web site and from other video related web sites. Perhaps then edit or "cut" the mp3 files, with audio editors, maybe organize and manage the sound files, then select software to burn or copy the files to a blank disc for later listening. Or transfer to a mobile phone or portable mp3 player for listening when on the move. Perhaps store the files on a external drive or USB pen drive for device transfer, backup, and reference. Note: Image from Youtube to MP3.com

Videos of Youtube to MP3 Converters

Sites for ConversionConverter/Downloader

If you Google search "Youtube to mp3 Converter Online", several closely related results appear, yielding a huge choice for YouTube and video to mp3 conversion. But you need try a few online mp3 converters, as what I did, to find what works the best (or fastest or easiest, e.g. without signing up, adding email address, etc, if you don't want to) for a particular video. For example, test with a small video file or short duration film clip, on a few online conversion sites. The sites generally require the URL (website browser address) to be entered to allow audio extraction, of which a click-able link is created to download or open to play. Then listen carefully to observe if you get a quality, or at least acceptable sound output.

Video and Youtube to mp3 Online Converters

Video to MP3 (http://www.video2mp3.net/)

Simple interface to convert an online video URL to mp3 format, and has featured information with reference to Daiylmotion.com to check out their videos. Relatively fast service which creates an audio link for download. There you have it , a mp3 file for listening.

Flvto.com (http://www.flvto.com/)

Convert either by direct link to the URL, upload from computer or Notebook, and also download YouTube videos to convert, with a 100 MB limit. Can convert to other audio formats - DivX, iPod, iPhone, and others including MP3. You can subscribe to premium plans. This includes for over ten format conversions, more than 30 video portals, dedicated server, and personal file storage (up to 50 GB).

Vid to MP3 (http://www.vidtomp3.com/)

Down load YouTube non-copy write videos for conversion. But supports many other video sites, e.g. Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Gofish, Google Video, iFilm, Myspace, and many others. Hence many formats to convert from for you player.

Custom Search

YouTube to MP3 (http://www.youtubetomp3.com/)

Easy and fast conversion to create a high quality output, but can chose low or standard, which might mean lower audio file size. The site says no need to register, and you can perform unlimited conversions. Also have the option to enter your email address, if you want the audio file sent to you. They also have a Facebook page and can follow on twitter. Nice attractive site, with easy to follow instructions.

YouTube Droid

Relatively quick video transfer and sound output that include FLV, 3GP, MP4, AVI (i.e. DivX) formats. Has a half day server storage limit for completion of paused downloads for transfer to MP3. Works good, as I found out.

Tube to MP3 (http://www.tubetomp3.net/)

Simple “text” laden interface, where you just paste the URL to link to the YouTube video. Output your music or audio file for playing.

YouTube mp3 (http://www.youtube-mp3.org/)

Because this site showed first in Google search results, I tried it straight away. Quite fast generating quality MP3 music, plus I was watching a YouTube video on another tab in Firefox browser. Impressive really, from their nice “fine looking” streamlined site. So can be assured of relatively quick quality audio, bitrate being 128 kBits/s or higher, including from Linux system, Mac, and iPhone systems or platforms.


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