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Online Text to MP3 Converters

pc and iPod for text to mp3 audio conversions
iPod for Text Sounds
Easily convert text to audio on online websites, including to mp3 format for you to hear. Include typed text, copied (cut/paste), or uploaded to the application. This can include lengthy study notes, downloaded eBooks, emails, rss feeds, online books, file uploads (in different formats) and work documents. Then save and play the audio version later, perhaps when relaxing, commuting about, studying at home, or when exercising. Maybe learn a new language, proof read, or just entertainment. Students with learning disabilities may well benefit with speech conversion software. The Calgary Board of Education and Alberta Education researched a project utilizing speech software to evaluate the benefits for the learning disabled. Positive impact of students with reading comprehension was observed, increased self confidence, motivation, and improved work quality and enjoyment as documented in their project report.

Depending on features for basic free plans, audio output maybe sufficient for your needs, but their are choices, of which some may suit. Otherwise a upgrade may be in order. Perhaps test and compare some of the following text to audio converters available on the Internet.

Easily and quickly create a mp3 audio file, by pasting in a body of text, without any sign up. You can select a male or female voice for your output, and then download after conversion. Currently cannot upload files for conversion, but can use their bookmarklet for converting web page text to mp3. Also can insert converted html/javascript codes, plugins for blogs (e.g. blogger widget, Wordpress plugin) and websites. Also for iGoogle and a Facebook widget. Supports a few languages.

Requires signing up, but their are a few features, such as a range of male and female voices, storage history for later accessibility, and can audio convert rss feeds and emails. But also pdf, word documents, and text files. Conversion may take a few mintues, but then can easily download your file when completed. You can also advertise on YAKiToMe.

Videos of vozME (for Podcast Tool) and YAKiToMe
(Expand to full mode for better view)

How to use vozMEYAKiToMe

Custom Search

text to mp3 software
Listen to mp3 text
You can sign up for a free trial, plus, or premium plans. Upload and convert various file types, e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, and also PDF, txt and others. But also copy and paste, and insert web site addresses for conversion. Audio files are stored for later retrieval, and can be embedded as html for web sites. Your audio can be shared (with the "add this widget") on social network sites, played for listening, downloaded to your computer, and for Podcast creation. The site itself is attractive, and includes tutorial videos. Image of Girl Listening by David Castillo.

Been around a little while and relatively popular for file conversions, particularly for PDF's to word format, and I think also for extracting audio, i.e. Youtube to MP3. But easily convert doc(x), PDF, txt, rtf, etc of up to 100MB. Easily convert a website address (i.e. URL). Option to sign up for a Zamzar inbox, for basic pro, and business plans, and larger file conversions, with online storage.

Videos of iSpeech (from Company CEO) and Zamzar Conversions
(Better Video view in full mode)

iSpeech - TutorialZamzar File Conversions

Text to Speech Org
Simple but quick to convert your text to audio mp3 to download, with a selection of volume, 1 to 10- silent to loudest. can record with a "Scottish" voice, and American male and female voices. Allows a maximum of 5000 characters and for commercial use.

ABC to MP3
Attractive website for converting your text in various methods, file uploads (html, pdf, word, txt, etc), rss, and url's. Has a variety of readers, and can listen online, save to PC, or add to your own web page. Perhaps spread your message by creating a podcast, and can subscribe to others. No sign up required, unless if you want direct conversions.

Videos of ABC2MP3 and DSpeech Text Converter
(Click full mode for videos for clearer view)

ABC2MP3 TutorialDSpeech to MP3 and WAV

Google Search Trends for Common Online to MP3 Search Queries 2004 to Present

From a range of voice translation software, with different features, from simple translation or conversion, to pod casting and online sharing, audio conversion can suit specific needs. Text to MP3 conversion internet based freeware, has allowed many to transcribe different file formats. Whether if simply playing the resulting audio, or archiving mp3 voice conversions, such text to mp3 online software can have a universal role.


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